It’s Our Response-Ability

On Daily Faith, Pastor Derek Draughon joins us to share a nugget of wisdom and the steps to take toward spiritual responsibility. Crisis’ are all over the place, yet our response amid the event matters. When God gives you something, He allows us the ability to be responsible for it. When we steward the thing well, it will grow. Many feel as if they’re in the middle of a raging storm, wondering when it will end. The question to consider is, “what is my spiritual response?” Where you stop during the storm is where you stop; what if you don’t stop? To fight the good fight of faith, enduring these valley seasons requires our action. 

A man in the Bible named Daniel received a revelation during his captivity that enabled him to set an example for the people. How he responded to the Lord’s voice mattered. God gives us responsibility – the ability to respond within our circumstances. Faithfulness, consistency, and trust are vital components of our response to the Lord; how we handle ourselves matters. God can’t trust you with more if you haven’t responded right. In this good fight of faith, how have you positioned yourself? Philip and Pastor Derek are here to encourage your faith, sharing insights that enable you to fight and press on. 

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The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our mission work in Eastern Europe. We have saved countless orphaned and abandoned children from a life of poverty and abuse. In Moldova, many families suffer from a lack of care and basic needs. At a young age, families are forced to send their children to live in an orphanage. When these kids turn sixteen, they’re kicked out onto the streets alone and subject to the false hopes of human traffickers; if captured, never seen again. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, and our house is in Odessa, Ukraine. God has given us the Orphans Hands, these kids, and our response-ability to God’s call has provided a safe place to care for their needs. Our kids have learned to remain faithful to God’s word by trusting and being consistent in prayer. They have witnessed many miracles through their faithfulness to God over the years, growing their faith. 

Putin’s war has set in the hearts of many Ukrainians, and war has become a way of life. Our lease is up on our Odessa house, yet our girls desperately want to return home to care for their people. We need a miracle to purchase this house to care for more orphaned children—your response matters. Please consider partnering with us and becoming part of our Odessa Home Miracle with The Orphans Hands. Visit

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