Power, Love & Sound Mind

On Daily Faith, Pastor Buddy Meloy is back on our program to share Biblical parallels from the scriptures to prepare God’s people for what’s happening around us. Pastor Buddy Meloy is the lead pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Lake City, FL. There is a demonic spiritual assault against the mind of the believers. A spirit of fear and panic has been released globally from the devil, and the main assault is directed against God Himself. When we become isolated by our thoughts, fear beings to creep in our minds forming strongholds. Strongholds are made up of one’s opinions, thoughts, and knowledge, and fear directly opposes God, undermining His dunamis power, love, and sound mind. The greatest enemy of a sound mind is fear, and when we allow fear to dominate our mind, we can’t expect to grow in our relationship with the Lord. God has already set a path before us, making the way to walk in freedom. All we have to do is begin to walk. God’s promise for you is found in 2 Timothy 1:7, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Don’t allow the enemy to isolate you and plant a seed of darkness in your mind. Stand on the word of God, declare His truths over your life today! For more information about New Life Christian Fellowship with Pastor Buddy Meloy, please visit www.nlcflc.com.

The Orphans Hands Ministry is the heart of what we do. For over 30 years, our outreach ministry has been in Eastern Europe. We have been rescuing orphaned and abandoned children from the veil risks of human trafficking. These children have been sent to grow up in an orphanage by their families and often suffer abuse from loved ones. They are left facing fears of loneliness and rejection. Vatra Village is our ministry of homes in Moldova, with a home in Ukraine that helps save, encourage, and support these children. We tell them, “If they were born, God has a plan.” They are growing in their relationship with God and believe that God has given them His power, love, and a sound mind. They are learning to replace fear with faith! They are mighty warriors for Jesus, tearing down strongholds one by one. They are currently planning their summer outreach programs and are eager to share the Good News of the gospel of Christ. They want to thank you for your support and prayers. God can do it for them, and He can do it for you! For more information on The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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