Pregnant With Destiny

On Daily Faith, we have an anointed show for you today! Pastor Travis Hall is back with us to share a Rhema word from the heart of God, speaking into your situation, bringing change for your good! Pastor Travis Hall is the Senior Pastor of Life Church International in Duluth, GA. So many people are exhausted and are experiencing times of quitting due to the unbearable pain. They feel like the darkness is invading, and they don’t have the strength to make it through to the next season. Pain has a voice, and it will lie to you. It will tell you that you are losing when you are winning. Pastor Travis wants you to share a seed of faith to encourage your spirit man that this pain is not what you think it is; it is proof that you are pregnant with destiny. You’re in the delivery room, expecting the arrival of the extraordinary gift that God is rebirthing in your spirit that will propel you into your destiny for His kingdom! Don’t allow the pain you are experiencing to snuff out the blessings that are awaiting you. The expiration date of your deliverance is marked on the calendars of heaven! We want to encourage your heart to hold fast to the truth, what the word of God has to say about your situation! Even though you can’t see it now, God is making a way in the wilderness for you! Your breakthrough season is right around the corner if you will not quit today! To learn more about Life Church International with Pastor Travis Hall, please visit, and to get a copy of his new book 7 Deadly Thoughts, please visit

The country of Moldova has one of the high death rates due to alcoholism. This tragedy breaks up the home, and kids are forced to grow up in orphanages. In the orphanages, the children are desperate in search of the love of a family. When these kids age out of the system, they are kicked out of the orphanages, leaving them subject to the risk of human trafficking. The Orphans Hands ministry is the very heart of our outreach work in Eastern Europe. We have a village of homes, called Vatra Village in Moldova, and a house in Ukraine, where we rescue these kids and provide for their every need. The promises of God are rebirthing a grace in their spirit to minister to the ones they once were. Our kids are in a season of rebirth and delivery, taking them from the pain of the past, bringing them to the glorious destiny. Our kids are living proof that God that breakthrough can come in the darkest hours if you don’t quit! We want to thank you for your prayers and generous support! For more information about how you can help support The Orphans Hands ministry,

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