Prevailing With Purpose

We have a new guest to share on Daily Faith, Dr. Daryl Petree. Dr. Daryl has faithfully served as a traveling Evangelist and Singer-Songwriter for over 35 years, traveling to over 60 countries using his talents for the Kingdom of God. Throughout his years of ministry, there have been ups and downs, but the Lord has remained faithful every season. More recently, Dr. Daryl has experienced a time of trial and tribulation, enduring some of life’s roughest storms. During this season, the Lord began to bring tremendous insight and revelation, showing him that he was not alone. God used the heartache to draw him closer to Himself. Dr. Daryl discovered the comfort of the Lord Jesus and the guiding light of the Holy Spirit within his heart, stepping into a great anointing. From this process, Dr. Daryl has written a book, Prevailing Purpose: How I Survived The Darkest Moments of My Life, sharing fundamental principles he gained by trusting in the Lord throughout his pain and suffering. Dr. Daryl wants to encourage your faith to remain strong and courageous, not giving up on your connection with Jesus; this storm will blow away. You can rest entirely on the promises of God to be the light that guides your path in the darkest season. 

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Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, which now is home to over four hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees. Before the war in Ukraine, many families suffered from loss, poverty, and abuse. Due to this lack of support, the family would force their children to live in an orphanage, which only worsened. When these children age out of the system, they are kicked out with a bus ticket to where they came. They are left without hope during the biggest storm and fall subject to the false hopes of the human traffickers, never to be seen again. This tragedy can not be overlooked. We have a village of homes called Vatra Village, with a former home in Odessa, Ukraine. Our homes help care for and provide for their needs, finding their purpose in life. Our kids have found hope amid despair, where the love of Jesus turned sorrow into joy. They’re prevailing with a great purpose as they trust God’s promises daily. During these summer months, they host youth camps in nearby villages, giving back to those needs they once knew. Our kids are courageously stepping out to support the refugees with food and blankets that bring comfort and love. Your faithful giving helps pave the way to reach the lost for Jesus. 

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