Prevention and Redemption

On Daily Faith, we have a special guest to share with you, Pastor Troy Brewer. Pastor Troy is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Open Door Church in Burleson, TX. Philip and Pastor Troy are kindred spirits, passionate about preventing and redeeming kids of all ages all around the world from the risks of abuse and despair through trafficking. Open Door Ministry has a vast outreach ministry that serves the community with food banks and has various homes, orphanages, and schools worldwide. It provides thousands of helpless souls their own story of redemption through Jesus’ love! 

Today, Pastor Troy would like to tell you about the power of declaring a thing over your life and situation. Nothing happens in the Kingdom without a declaration. Pastor Troy has written a book called 40 Breakthrough Declarations to help you align your mouth with God’s, like a double-edged sword. When you become equipped with the knowledge of God, God’s word supports you because you’re standing for righteousness and truth. As believers, we have the ability to speak life and death, blessings and curses towards one another. In the dangerous times we’re living, it’s vitally important to know the word of God, hiding it deep within your heart so that when troubles come, you can stand courageously declaring the word of God! The word of God is our weapon, and it’s time we step up using it to withstand the enemies’ schemes. 

To learn more about Open Door Ministry with Pastor Troy Brewer, please visit To get a copy of 40 Breakthrough Declarations, please visit For information on Answer International, please visit

The Orphans Hands ministry is a story of redemption, from the hells of and risks of human trafficking to a life redeemed by God’s love. We have been saving orphaned and abandoned children from the real dangers of turmoil and despair. From poverty and abuse, kids are forced to leave what they know and live in an orphanage. At sixteen, they’re kicked out and fall prey to the false hopes of the traffickers. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine, where we help redeem the lives of the broken-hearted. We care for them and provide for their needs, then, in turn, become sons and daughters, radically transformed by the Holy Spirit. Amid the risks and perils of the war on Ukraine, our kids have diligently learned that to withstand the lies of the enemy whispering in their ears, they must be equipped with the living word of God, declaring His truth. Faith and hope have risen in their hearts, and they enjoy giving back to those whose needs they once knew. They’re daily meeting the needs of the Ukrainian refugees with food, blankets, and Bibles in hopes of bringing joy amid sadness. For more information about supporting those in need through the Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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