Restoring Your Name

On Daily Faith, joining us to share an incredible message of grace is Dr. Don Allen. He is the Senior Pastor of The Church @ War Hill in Dawsonville, GA. Dr. Don has various outreach ministries that validate and give back by sharing the love of Jesus, supplying food and clothing, educating people in the knowledge of God, and ultimately sharing hope for tomorrow. God has given Dr. Don a radical vision to see beyond helpless situations, helping to restore countless lives to freedom in Jesus. Philip and Dr. Don share the same heart for missions, saving and rescuing vulnerable children from the terrible risks of torment by human traffickers globally. Sisters of Grace is their home for young girls who have been abused and trafficked in Thailand. Today, his heart has been wrecked by God’s restorative power in the lives of these young girls. The enemy gave them a number, but God restored their name. 

We want you to know that God is there to see you through, no matter your situation. Jesus wants you to know that your past failures and shame do not define you; you’ve been bought with a price by the precious blood of Jesus. What the enemy meant evil, God turned around for your good.

For more information about The Church @ War Hill, please visit, and to learn how you can help Sisters of Grace, see To find out more about Real Love Now Global, visit

The year that changed Philip’s heart was when he stepped out of his world and encountered the lives of the unwanted. For those who don’t know, we have saved and rescued countless children from the risks of abuse, neglect, and human trafficking for over thirty years. In Moldova, many families are subject to poverty, alcohol abuse, and lack of support; this terrible combination forces their kids to live in an orphanage. Loveless and hopeless, they suffer from the pains of tomorrow. The Orphans Hands ministry has a village of homes called Vatra Village in Moldova and a home in Odessa, Ukraine, that help to care for and support these abandoned children. With their failures in the past, their hearts are restored to the love of Jesus. The rescued have become the rescuers. Our kids are giving back to the needs they once knew. The war on Ukraine continues to rage, and the fears of winter are creeping into the hearts and minds of the refugees. Our convoys of care bring supplies of food, Bibles, and blankets deep within the warzones in Ukraine to remind the people of God’s love. Our kids see the needs and are asking for coats to help bring the warmth of God’s grace to the hopeless this winter season. 

To learn more about the Orphans Hands ministry, see You can give a coat to help someone in need this winter through the Orphans Hands ministry at

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