Seed for the Sower

On Daily Faith, our guest is Pastor JB Whitfield, Senior Pastor of Agape Faith Church in Clemmons, NC. Pastor Whitfield is also an Author, the President and Founder of International Covenant Connections Fellowship, the President and Founder of Impact University, and the Founder of the Triad Dream Center of Winston-Salem. He also serves on the board of various global ministries. We live in a time in America when technology is increasing, and we have become preoccupied with the things around us, making it easy to overlook those in need. We may also be in trying circumstances that seem to prevent us from giving, especially when we are experiencing times of financial drought. We read in Genesis 26:12, “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him.” The land was in a drought, and everything was barren, yet, Isaac sowed a seed, and God blessed him and increased every side. Today, Philip and Pastor Whitfield want to share key principles from God’s Kingdom on Sowing and Reaping. Pastor Whitfield explains how God, our heavenly Father, will supply our every need, making the jobs that we have the means to give and help sow into the lives of others. When we purpose our hearts what we what to give, God will provide the seed to the sower. We want to encourage your faith and sow a seed in good soil; once you do, get ready to reap a bountiful harvest in God’s Kingdom!

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Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. It has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse. Many of the children who live there have been abused, neglected, and abandoned by their families, leaving them to grow up in the orphanage. This poverty-stricken society has left these children feeling hopeless and forgotten. The Orphans Hands is a point of interception for them. We help save and rescue them from the perils of human trafficking. We have villages of homes called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine. Upon coming into our homes, they discover and understand Biblical principles, engage in Bible studies and prayer, and spend devotion time together every week. By sharing God’s love with them, it has helped heal the wounds of their past. Our kids have sown seeds of encouragement into the lives of others and are reaping a bountiful harvest of blessings in their own lives. We want to share a new video with you about a girl named Nadia, who is now reaping blessings from the seeds you’ve sown into our ministry. We want to say thank you! To learn more about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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