The God of The Last Minute

On Daily Faith, joining us to share a timely word of truth is Pastor Craig Walker. Pastor Craig Walker is the Senior Pastor of Upward Church, a multi campus church based in Pensacola, FL. Pastor Craig is an Apostle of Salvation serving to gather the End Time harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. Over this past year, they have recently seen eight-hundred and fifty salvation for Jesus Christ in their mission work. 

You may feel as if you are forgotten and unseen. It may seem like it’s the final hour. We’re here to encourage your faith that when we are down to nothing, God is up to something. We serve an on-time God. When God steps in, He makes a river in the desert and parts the waters for you to walk on dry land, and He brings victory and vindication on your behalf. You are not forgotten; God loves you, and His love transcends all of your comprehension. Pastor Craig has written a book called, Last Minute God to help you hold on to Jesus through the season of despair. Trust in Jesus today. He is the hope of glory we have to cling to.

To learn more about Upward Church with Pastor Craig Walker, visit To get a copy of his latest book, Last Minute Book, please see If you’re interested in their outreach ministry, WifiJesus, see

The Orphans’ Hands need a miracle today. We have rescued countless lives in Moldova and Ukraine for over many years. The war in Ukraine has become a way of life for many refugees, and their hearts are growing weary of returning home. Our girls we rescued from Odessa at the start of the war are stuck in turmoil along with many refugees. They’ve faced the fact that whoever wins the war, they want to go home. This is where we need a miracle. Our lease is up on our home in Odessa, Ukraine; we are tasked with risking it all to save the lives of others. This home will allow us to house 24 more girls, pulling from the pit of despair in a time of need. 

Rescuing and saving is the heart of The Orphans Hands. We gather and take in the unwanted and abused of the world and care for their needs by showing them the love of Jesus. Our kids have experienced seasons of extreme grief, yet through it all, God has never failed. He revealed Himself at the very last minute. Jesus has become their hope and refuge they can cling to. The risks are real, and we are asking you to take a chance on God. He always keeps His promises, and He is always on time! 

Please pray about partnering with God through The Orphans Hands to make this miracle happen today. You can visit The Orphans Hands ministry at

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