The Perfect Power of The Holy Spirit

On Daily Faith, the encouraging word of faith today comes from Pastor George Sawyer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Assembly in Tanner, AL. Recently, the Lord has shown Pastor Sawyer His grace and perfect power for imperfect people. When we endure times of trials and tribulations, fears set in, and the ground begins to shake, that is when God is working the most in our lives to bring about His greater purpose. It’s about acknowledging our weakness before the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit being made perfect through us. When we don’t know what to do or say, we are to look unto Jesus; He is our ever-present help in time of need. The daily struggles are not meant for us to fight alone. God is waiting for us to take a step and, at times, a leap of faith and trust in His promises to do what He says. In our weakness, His power is shown and made known to everyone around us. The God of the mountain tops is the same God of the valleys. If He has seen you, though, bringing you to the other side, what makes you think He won’t do it again? Jesus loves you with an everlasting love that will never fade. God desires to empower you with the Holy Spirit, and it is then when you experience the Holy Spirit true transformation begins. For more information about Calvary Assembly in Tanner, AL, please visit

Moldova has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse and poverty. When poverty sets in the homes, it causes extreme loss and lack of care for their loved ones; their children are forced to live in orphanages. Abandoned, they are kicked out on the streets, hopeless and alone when they come of age. With the devastation of searching for a place to call home, these young kids are at risk of human trafficking by the false hopes of the traffickers. Missions is our heartbeat, and the Orphans Hands is our outreach, the point of intersection for these unwanted children. For over three decades, we have been rescuing orphaned children, showing them the power of God’s love. We have a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Odessa, Ukraine. The Russian war on Ukraine has caused us to evacuate our home in Odessa, yet we know that this war’s devastation will bring more orphaned and abandoned children. Our kids are no longer slaves to fear and hopelessness. They have discovered that when they are weak, Jesus is strong. As our kids are stepping out in faith to lend a helping hand to those whose needs they once knew, God’s power is made perfect, and the Holy Spirit becomes their strength for another day. If you’re willing to send, they’re willing to go. To learn more about supporting the Orphans Hands in this time of need, please see

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