The Power Of Thankfulness

On Daily Faith, we welcome our new guest, Pastor Wayne Braudrick. He is the Senior Pastor of Frisco Bible Church in Frisco, TX. Pastor Wayne has authored a few books, and the one he is sharing with us today is entitled The Power of A Merry Heart: A Interactive Workbook on Gratitude. Today, Pastor Wayne gives us nuggets of truth about having a thankful heart in difficult situations. In the world we live it’s easy to get sidetracked by stress and fear that blinds us from the truth, yet the word of God encourages us in John 16:33, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” It’s very easy to see this world and the daily struggles with fog-covered glasses. Still, God is inviting you to experience the fullness of joy by discovering the power of gratitude. This goes to say that Jesus has already faced the situations that we are experiencing, and He has graced us with His overcomer spirit that enables us to move forward with joy. When we approach the day knowing that issues may arise, the Holy Spirit’s power living inside our hearts is greater than we face. We want to encourage you to stop and think about the ways God has provided for you. Share your heart with heaven, and God will open the doors for you! To learn more about Frisco Bible Church, visit To get the latest teaching and his newest book, The Power of A Merry Heart, from Pastor Wayne Braudrick, please visit

Moldova is a poverty-stricken country where babies and children are forced out of their homes, away from loved ones, to live in an orphanage. Due to the lack of social support, and alcohol abuse, these kids face hardships that no one should endure. For those who don’t know, The Orphans Hands ministry has helped save countless children from a life of fear and desperation. When these kids “graduate” from the orphanage, they are sent back to the villages they came from, leaving them hopeless and desperate for a better life. This peril leaves them subject to the real risks of human trafficking. We have a Village of Homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, where we teach these kids about Jesus, and they discover who He created them to be. Jesus has become the hope they have longed for, and they are now sons and daughters, missionaries for Jesus sharing the same love they have received. Our kids have realized how the power of thankfulness can open the doors of blessings from heaven. Currently, our kids are traveling to the border of Ukraine, where the devastation of war has become real. Yet, by helping to meet the needs of the refugees, their hearts are overflowing with gratitude. For more information about how you can support The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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