The Steps and Stops

The prophetic voice ringing loudly in our ears on Daily Faith today comes from Pastor Buddy Meloy. Recently, Pastor Buddy celebrated 30 years of ministry and has seen the faithfulness of God over and over. God has gifted Pastor Buddy with prophetic insight and vision into what’s happening worldwide, and he wants to share with you vital information on what the Lord is looking for. We are living in extreme times in America and all around the world. The tip of the spearhead has been revealed, both negatively and positively. Fires are beginning to rage in various places, countries are at odds, high inflation, and droughts are occurring. However, we are reminded that when the enemy comes against us, God is raising His standard. The steps (and stops) of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. God is rallying His troops, calling on mighty men and women of valor who will stand with bravery and courage in the coming days. As Christians, we are to be watchful and gird ourselves with the armaments of God. We don’t have to be afraid or live in fear because the Greater One lives inside us. The Holy Spirit is our Helper, who enables us to discern the times we’re living. So today, anchor your faith in Jesus by guarding your heart and listening to the Father. It’s time for mighty men and women of God to stand victoriously! Be encouraged, the Lord is greater, and He is fighting our battles! 

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We need your help. Countless men, women, and children are at risk and are suffering the violence of the Ukrainian war. Putin has sought to make his aim to destroy Ukraine as we know it. This means complete devastation for the families living there, desperately risking their lives to make ends meet. Even in the orphanages, children don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The Orphans Hands ministry has rescued orphaned and abandoned children from the dangers of human trafficking for over thirty years. When these children are sixteen, in the orphanages, they’re forced out on the streets, helpless, alone, and fearful. We have a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Ukraine that helps care for the needs of these children, and in turn, they are learning how the love of Jesus saved and set them free. Now, they’re giving back to the needs of the Ukrainian refugees and are tirelessly working to bring hope and love. With the harsh Moldovain winters on the horizon, our kids have made it their mission to serve and clothe these homeless by providing them with a warm coat this winter. Our kids have risen in bravery and courage during these times, showing that with God’s strength, nothing is impossible. 

You can help The Orphans Hands ministry by sending a coat today. Please visit or

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